My Name is Kevin Zhang, you might know me as K.Dash, Kdash71, or Mr.Dash. Like most of you who’s visiting my site, I LOVE (read obsessed) Model building, and Photography. It all started when I was a child (6 or 7 maybe?) when my mother brought me the very 1st model kit, Z’gok. Now, I do not remember what grade it was, nor the scale, even if it was a bootleg kit or not.  But I remember it was RED! Anyhow, growing up, my family didn’t have much, so it was about the only kit I played for years. Later on, our family migrated to the US, and ALL of my toys were left behind in china. “We’ll buy you new ones.” my mother said. But unfortunately, that never happened. It wasn’t until my late teens until I picked up the hobby again. I worked at a mall in NYC when I was 17, where they sold Gundam kits. I started buying SD kits, like, a lot of them (they are currently laying in my box of kit bashing parts).

So, that was that. Now to the part 2 of my gunpla life. The store I worked at, used to customize clothes, shoes (YES! back in the late 90s & early 2000s, airbrushed kicks and shirts were very popular!) and that is how I picked up my airbrushing skills. At one point, I finally airbrushed my 1st Gundam kit, Wing Zero custom in 2002. It was black and gold, and it was horrendous! But I had a lot of fun doing so. Mind you, at that time of my life, I didn’t have any gunpla customization skills, have not seen any painted kits, had no resources, no research or what so ever.

And part 3 gets more interesting. The year 2005, I moved from NYC to in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut. I mainly focused to start my own internet business. Life was boring, I brought and snapped kits here and there. It is not till 2007, after a heart-rending breakup (yea yea.. that’s how they all started, I know..) I started devoting myself into gunpla building. I started learning by reading online articles, experimenting with different painting techniques, and started posting my work on internet forums. My very 1st set of finished works were the Gundam Endless Waltz 1/100 kits.

Now the Final part, early 2008, just painting the kits wasn’t enough anymore. I started competing in forums and got into kit bashing and scratch building. My 1st ever competition entry was a Gouf Custom. And I won! And then this crazy idea popped into my head. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved Chinese Myth, I loved reading, and writing. I studied Art (NO, ART IS NOT DEAD!), and now I somewhat knows how to customize model kits, why not incorporate everything together and make something out of it?

So there it was.. Dash’s Legendary Mobile Suits was born. the novel titled <四神幻想傳>(literally translated to “Tales of Four Gods”) and English title ” Clash Of The Deities” all started with the 4 guardians of the Chinese mythology, plus many other mythical creatures to come to life in robotics form, I invite you to stop by my site in the future to check out more model works of K.Dash!